Product Specification Quality System™

Quality is our highest priority.  We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and our quality processes are independently audited on a regular basis.  However, we also created our own Product Specification Quality System™ (“PSQS”) to ensure our product quality exceeds the highest expectations of our customer-partners.

PSQS incorporates the foundation and principles of our ISO program, but imposes heightened quality standards and requires us to implement strict specifications for every product we manufacture.  These specifications detail every aspect of each finished product and are used by our production team as the blueprint to build each product.  Our production and quality teams also use these specifications as a final examination tool to ensure the non-conforming product does not leave our facility.

Our people and their passion for Relentless Excellence™ are the primary reasons we can adhere to the rigorous demands of PSQS.  Our organizational structure requires that both our quality team and production team independently accept 100% ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products.  Our experienced, highly-trained members of these teams embrace this responsibility, and through coordination with each other, ensure the products we manufacture consistently meet the standards of PSQS.

We are never satisfied with excellence as we currently perceive it.  As part of ISO and PSQS, we continually collaborate with our customer-partners to improve our quality systems.  We believe communication with our customer-partners is vital to achieving consistent quality.

HOC ISO 9001:2015 Quality Policy

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