We are passionate about excellence.  We are unwilling to compromise or tolerate anything less than excellence in all aspects of our operations: quality, efficiency, cleanliness, organization, and safety.  We do not view excellence as a one-time goal to achieve.  Rather, we believe it is who we are, and it pervades everything we do.  As a family-owned and operated company, excellence has been engrained in our culture over the past 80 years and will endure for the next 80 years.

How do we define our passion, our obsession?  We call it “Relentless Excellence™“.

Relentless Excellence stems from our passion for people: Our Customer-Partners, Our HOC Team, Our Community.

Our Customer-Partners

We believe our customized services for each customer-partner are an extension of their business and understand that their reputation is directly impacted by our actions.  We care deeply about their success and future and desire to be a long-term partner by earning their trust and loyalty.  We offer each customer-partner our HOC Vows and expect to be held to such standards of excellence throughout our relationship with them.

Our HOC Team

We believe in creating a team of men and women that share our passion for excellence.  This passion cannot be trained but instead is part of each team member’s character.  Each team member contributes to our culture of excellence, and the resulting dynamic, vibrant culture promotes dedication and loyalty.  Accordingly, our HOC team has valuable experience with an average tenure of fifteen years.

Our Community

We believe we have a responsibility to serve people in need throughout our local, national and global communities.  We support and partner with local organizations like the Union Rescue Mission and Urban Preparatory Academy and global organizations like World Vision International.  These organizations greatly impact the areas they serve, and we are proud to partner with them and are humbled by their work.

We continue to grow our customer-partner base, product lines and capacity:   Call Us Today!