Stress-Free Manufacturing & Order Fulfillment

We provide full-service manufacturing and order fulfillment of liquid products, so you can focus your time, energy and resources on growing and developing your business rather than dealing with manufacturing burdens.

One of the greatest compliments we received came from a newer customer-partner who said: “I don’t even have to think about manufacturing anymore. You just take care of everything.”


  • High-speed filling and packaging – all types of containers, including bag-in-box and trigger-sprayer bottles, and sizes ranging from 8 oz. bottles to pails, drums, and totes
  • Blending – customized blends of a wide range of fluids including alcohols, solvents, terpenes, oils, glycols, agricultural chemicals and water-based products
  • Expertise with flammable and combustible products
  • Raw material and fluid sourcing
  • Storage – raw material, fluid and finished goods
  • Order fulfillment (e-commerce and retail)
  • Compliance and regulatory review (labeling, storage and shipping issues)
  • Logistics and distribution (convenient Midwest location with rail access)
  • Advanced laboratory testing
  • Quality control and assurance: ISO 9001:2015 and HOC’s exclusive Product Specification Quality System